Online Google Indexing API Tool

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How To Get Google Indexing API Access Key Or Service Authorization Key?

To access the Indexing API, you need to verify that you are the owner of the website for which you are submitting requests to Google for Updating or Removing URLs from its Search Results.

To verify the ownership you have to obtain a Service Authorization Key/ API Access Key which is a JSON file. This is a one-time process. The complete process is described here.

How To Setup Google Search Console To Use Indexing API?

To use the Indexing API Service, you have to add the Service Account Email ID as Owner in your Search Console Property Setting. The Email ID can be found in the JSON file obtained in the previous step.

Follow these steps to Add Service Account in your Google Search Console Property Setting:
  1. Open Search Console >>> Select Your Website In Property Drop-down
  2. Scroll down and search for Settings in the bottom left corner and click on Settings
  3. In General Settings, click Users and Permissions
  4. Click on the +Add User button in the top right corner
  5. Enter Service Account Email ID and select 'Owner' using the Permission drop-down option
  6. Click ADD and it's done!

How To Use Google Indexing API For WordPress/ Blogger/ Any Website URLs?

Steps to use the Online Indexing API Tool for WordPress/ Blogger/ Any Website:
  1. Open Online Indexing API Tool
  2. Fill in the user details- First Name Last Name, and Email ID
  3. Provide the URLs list (only the first 20 URLs will be processed at a time)
  4. Check the update type- Update URL (for fresh crawl request)/ Remove URL (remove URLs from the Google Search Results)
  5. Upload JSON key file
  6. Click on Send Data to submit the request. Check the Response Summary for Server Response.
  7. Click on Send Again to submit a New Request

What Is Daily URL Request Quota Or Limit?

Check your available Quota using Google API Console.